StemWizz Carnival Wheel

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The StemWizz Carnival Wheel

Round and round we go, when we stop nobody knows!

Create you very own carnival wheel by engineering a large wheel, next build a pulley system using belts, a propeller, a motor, belt pulleys and a battery box and combine all the parts together to get your wheel rotating in a smooth 360-degree motion.

This project teaches young people the principles of pulley systems and how they can be applied to move heavy objects along with the advantages of using a multiple pulley system. The project also teaches young people about wiring a motor to a battery box and using belts on propellers along with engineering concepts by putting all the parts together.


The main parts in this STEM project combines a mixture of:

  • Motor
  • Battery Box
  • Belts
  • Propeller
  • Belt Pulleys
  • Beaded Shafts
  • Plastic Parts for The Wheel
  • Screws
  • Sleeves

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