StemWizz Don’t Buzz The Wire

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Create your very own version of the classic game “Don’t Buzz The Wire” by creating a frame from right angle plastic rods and a plastic base board. Create an electrical circuit by using an aluminium wire that has connector rods which must be fastened to the frame with screws. Next wire these rods back to the battery box. Create a conductor rod by using a sheep eye bolt and plastic tubing. Wire the conductor rod and led light into the circuit. You can bend and twist the wire to make the challenge easy or hard.

Learn about electrical circuits and understand ELECTRICITY needs a CIRCUIT in order to travel. In our don’t buzz wire, the electricity starts from the battery (stored energy). The electricity in the battery can only travel if there is a complete loop back to the other side of the battery. When the sheep eye bolt on the rod touches the bent wire, it completes the circuit and the electricity flows (causing the buzzer to sound). However, if the loop DOES NOT TOUCH the bent copper wire, the circuit is not closed, and we don’t hear any sound.

The main parts in this STEM project combines a mixture of:

  • Led Light
  • Metal Rods
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Aluminium Wire
  • Battery Box
  • Sheep Eye Bolt
  • Breaker
  • Plastic Right Angle Rods
  • Plastic Grid Base Board
  • Wiring

Difficulty Level 8/10

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