The StemWizz Elevator

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Good friends are like broken Elevators, they never let you down!

Build your very own elevator by engineering a vertical passage shaft and carriage pod by using metal tracks and wooden parts, next create your lift system by combining worm and regular gear wheels. This pulley system needs to be connected to a motor which is wired to a positive and negative control board which controls the up and down movement of the elevator.

Learn how an electronic wire control board controls the positive and negative rotation of the electric motor which controls the elevator’s up and down movements via gear transmission. The worm-gear subassembly in this model plays a role in transmission direction shifting and speed reduction, it also adopts the worm’s self-locking principle to prevent the elevator’s falling during a power failure. Learn how combining gears, a motor and electrical circuits create a perfect elevator lift system.

The main parts in this STEM project combines a mixture of:

  • Different types of Gears
  • Motor
  • Control Board
  • Metal Tracks
  • Wooden Boards
  • Screws
  • Battery Box
  • Sleeves
  • Brackets
  • Metal Rod

Difficulty Level 8/10

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