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Run your own Stem Workshops.

For all workshop products, visit our store.

All our STEM Kits come with step by step easy to follow instructions.

By running your own workshops, you save on cost along with giving your group a chance to learn and create their projects in their own time. Very like Lego our instructions come with step-by-step instructions along with a picture in each step. The goal of making the Kits should always be first to let young people figure out how to create a kit with the instructions provided. Only after this option is exhausted should young people get a hand from an adult.

We also have step by step YouTube tutorial videos that you can play on a large screen, this allows you to pause and go back oversteps which enables the group or class to progress through the steps at the same pace.

If you would like advice regarding which projects are best suited to your class or group, please feel free to contact us, we would be delighted to help.