Electrical Circuits Box 9-12 years

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The StemWizz Electrical Box 9-12 Years

The box contains 4 STEM projects which explores electrical concepts, through the wiring of battery boxes to motors and switches, bulbs and remote controls.

  • StemWizz Crawling Lizard
  • StemWizz RC Retractable Gate
  • StemWizz Farm House LED Lights
  • StemWizz Bedside Lamp

The Box Includes Magnetic Screwdrivers & Batteries.


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StemWizz Electrical Circuits Box (Age Approx.: 9-12 Years)

The box contains 4 STEM projects which electrical circuits concepts

  • StemWizz Crawling Lizard:  Create your own moving Lizard by creating a worm and gear transmission using frame parts, a motor, gears and a battery box. This system will simulate the crawling movements of a lizard. Lastly wire your Lizards motor to a remote control which produces forward and reverse current.
  • StemWizz Remote Control Retractable Gate: Build your remote control retractable gate. Engineer a rolling system by combining tracks and wheels so your sliding gate can be moved by a static motor. Wire up your remote control which sends an impulse to activate the motor which turns the crank connected to the wheels thus opening and closing your gate.
  • StemWizz Farm 7 LED  Light House: Build your own farm house by assembling the wooden parts which include gables, walls and roof. Wire up the battery box to the LED light to create a beautiful ambience of seven different colors.
  • StemWizz Bedside Lamp: Create your own mini size bedside lamp, by creating a stand and base, next add your lightbulb and wire it to a battery box, finally add your lampshade. This STEM project teaches young people about electrical circuits through an LED light bulb and its power source the battery box.

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