The StemWizz Farm Box #1

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The StemWizz Farm Box #1

Create 4 different projects to complete the “Farm Box 1” set.

Build all four projects from scratch and paint them with markers or paint brush to what ever colour or design you want.

The 4 Projects include:

  • The StemWizz JCB Digger: Hydraulic Powered, the arm can move up and down and the bucket can open and close.
  • The StemWizz Roller: Battery Powered Replica of a farm roller.
  • The StemWizz Land Rover: Battery Powered Replica of a Land Rover
  • The StemWizz Farm Shed: Farm Shed with a moving windmill, the shed lights up in different colours and plays music.

Why not combine with our Farm Box 2 to collect the full set!

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