Green & Alternative Energy Box Teenager

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The StemWizz Green & Alternative Energy (Teenager)

The box contains the following 4 STEM projects and explores Green & Alternative Energy

  • The StemWizz Tumble Dryer
  • The StemWizz Swimming Fish
  • The StemWizz Hydraulic Shears
  • The StemWizz Saltwater Car

The box also contains batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.


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  • The StemWizz Tumble Dryer: Young people learn about centrifugal force which is generated due to rotation of objects which move objects away from their rotation centre. Here we see the tumble dryer removes excess water from fabric by rotating a perforated drum at high speed. The water is thrown out through the holes. The fabric keeps moving in a circle because the contact force of the drum provides centrifugal force. This project also explores, gears, motors and electrical circuit concepts.
  • The StemWizz Swimming Fish: Learn about bionics and how technology can simulate biology functions. Create this actual swimming fish by building the fish body from different wooden parts and adding floats to keep him upright. Next create and add your propelling system by combining a gearmotor, rockers, nuts, screws, sleeves and a battery box.
  • The StemWizz Hydraulic Shears: This project teaches young people how hydraulic systems function and perform tasks through using a fluid that is pressurised. Learn how hydraulic excavators work by allowing the driver to use levers to control the movement of the hydraulic fluid to push and move the cylinders that control the boom and claw of the shears. The fluid flows to the cylinder through the valve, and the hydraulic energy converts it back to mechanical energy. The valves aid to direct the flow of the fluid and the pressure can be relieved if needed.
  • The StemWizz Saltwater Car: Learn how salt water provides the electrolyte used in a chemical reaction inside a fuel cell. This chemical reaction creates electricity, similar to how a battery creates electricity. This electricity runs a small motor which powers the car as the magnesium loses electrons and the carbon plate receives electrons resulting in electricity being generated.

The Box also contains batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.

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