StemWizz Classroom Experiment STEM Box

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The StemWizz classroom experiment box has 4 projects that explore such concepts as, magnetics, leverage, pneumatics and vortexes.

The box includes the following 4 individual STEM experiments:

  • The StemWizz Vortex Experiment
  • The StemWizz Electromagnetic Swing Experiment
  • The StemWizz Wooden Balance Experiment
  • The StemWizz Pneumatic Air Blower Experiment

The box also contains batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.


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StemWizz Classroom Experiment STEM Box

This box contains the following 4 experiments.

  • StemWizz Vortex Experiment: Young people will learn that a vortex is a swirling mass of air or water that spins around a central axis. It is often characterized by a downward-spiraling motion and can occur in nature in many forms such as tornadoes, whirlpools, weather systems and even galaxies. The essence of a vortex is that objects are drawn together toward the center, then miss! Spiral waves form in the water surface of the vortex. See here:


  • StemWizz Electromagnetic Swing: Young people learn about magnetic and electrical circuit concepts and when combined create an electromagnetic swing. Electromagnetism is the physical interaction among electric charges, magnetic moments, and the electromagnetic field. Here we learn about Ampere’s Law which allows us to bridge the gap between electricity and magnetism; that is, it provides us with a mathematical relation between magnetic fields and electric currents. The electromagnetic field can be static, slowly changing, or form waves. See here:


  • StemWizz Wooden Balance Experiments: Young people will learn about the principle of leverage. This wooden balance scale makes the perfect introduction to the concept of mass and weight. While we have advanced in weight and measuring practices, these scales were used as far back as the Romans and beyond and were very important devices which relied on straightforward but efficient methods to measure and weigh goods. See here:


  • StemWizz Pneumatic Air Blower Experiment: Young people will learn about Pneumatics which is an aspect of physics and engineering that is concerned with using the energy in compressed gas and air to make something move or work. Electrical circuits concepts are also explored in this STEM project through the wiring a motor to a battery box and battery box to a switch. See here:


The Box also contains batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.

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