StemWizz Gears & Motors Box (Age Approx.: 9-12 Years)

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StemWizz Gears & Motors Box (Age Approx.: 9-12 Years)

The Box Contains:

  • StemWizz Grand Prix Car
  • StemWizz Mop Robot
  • StemWizz Carnival Wheel
  • StemWizz Athlete

The Box also includes batteries & magnetic screwdrivers.




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StemWizz Gears & Motors Box (Age Approx.: 9-12 Years)

The box contains 4 STEM projects which explores gears, motors and pulley system concepts.

  • StemWizz Grand Prix Car : Build your own F1 car by creating the chassis from the parts provided. Next attach a motor and add gears to the axel. Wire the motor to a switch which also needs to be wired to the motor.
  • StemWizz Mop Robot: Create your own Mop Robot, by creating a chassis from a plastic base board, metal axel rods and wheels. Secure you gear motor and battery box. Next create the robot rotating arm by using different types of gears, a plastic rod, sleeves, metal rods, elastic band and a cleaning disk. Finally connect you cleaning arm gear to the gear on the chassis.
  • StemWizz Carnival Wheel: Create your very own carnival wheel by engineering a large wheel, next build a pulley system using belts, a propeller, a motor, belt pulleys and a battery box and combine all the parts together to get your wheel rotating in a smooth 360-degree motion.
  • StemWizz Athlete Robot: Young people learn about the relationship between gears and a motor along with exploring eccentric gear transmission and by connecting rod transmission the gears propels the plastic tracks creating a sports machine movement

The box also includes batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.

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