StemWizz Gears & Motors Box (Age Approx.: 9-12 Years)

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StemWizz Gears & Motors Box (Age Approx.: 9-12 Years)

The Box Contains:

  • StemWizz Grand Prix Car
  • StemWizz Mop Robot
  • StemWizz Carnival Wheel
  • StemWizz Battery Powered Wooden Race Car

The Box also includes batteries & magnetic screwdrivers.




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StemWizz Gears & Motors Box (Age Approx.: 9-12 Years)

The box contains 4 STEM projects which explores gears, motors and pulley system concepts.

  • StemWizz Grand Prix Car : Build your own F1 car by creating the chassis from the parts provided. Next attach a motor and add gears to the axel. Wire the motor to a switch which also needs to be wired to the motor.
  • StemWizz Mop Robot: Create your own Mop Robot, by creating a chassis from a plastic base board, metal axel rods and wheels. Secure you gear motor and battery box. Next create the robot rotating arm by using different types of gears, a plastic rod, sleeves, metal rods, elastic band and a cleaning disk. Finally connect you cleaning arm gear to the gear on the chassis.
  • StemWizz Carnival Wheel: Create your very own carnival wheel by engineering a large wheel, next build a pulley system using belts, a propeller, a motor, belt pulleys and a battery box and combine all the parts together to get your wheel rotating in a smooth 360-degree motion.
  • StemWizz Battery Powered Race Car: Build your very own battery powered race car, firstly create a car frame by engineering a range of wooden parts, add your axels by attaching the metal rods to the frame and wheels, next connect your gears and link with the motor, finally wire your your motor back to the battery box.

The box also includes batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.

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