StemWizz Ultimate Heavy Machinery Box (Teenagers)

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The StemWizz Ultimate Heavy Machinery Box is a box mixed with 4 projects that explore such concepts as, Kinetic Energy, Gears & Motors, Hydraulic Power, and much more.

  • The StemWizz Remote Control Forklift
  • The StemWizz Bulldozer
  • The StemWizz Hydraulic Shears
  • The StemWizz JCB

The box also contains batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.


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  • The StemWizz Remote Control Forklift: Start by building you forklift frame by combining a grid board and a block plate, add your axels with belts and pulleys which attach to multiple gears and 2 motors which are wired to a battery box, next create your transmission by combing a RC emission board, a RC Antenna, a RC reception board which needs to be wired to a switch. Finally create an add your forklift by combining tracks, plastic boards and metal strips and connect it to your gear system.
  • The StemWizz Hand Lever Bulldozer: Create your own bull dozer by building the bulldozer frame with the wooden parts provided. Next create and add the chassis system using the pin bars. Add the large rubber wheels. Using the fasteners, wood parts and pins create the arms for the bucket and boom. Internally link the parts together from the arms back to the hand lever. Finally add your bucket and teeth.
  • The StemWizz Hydraulic Shears: This project teaches young people how hydraulic systems function and perform tasks through using a fluid that is pressurised. Learn how hydraulic excavators work by allowing the driver to use levers to control the movement of the hydraulic fluid to push and move the cylinders that control the boom and claw of the shears. The fluid flows to the cylinder through the valve, and the hydraulic energy converts it back to mechanical energy. The valves aid to direct the flow of the fluid and the pressure can be relieved if needed.
  • The StemWizz JCB: Build your own JCB by constructing the JCB frame using the wooden parts. Create and add the suspension and wheels. Next its time to construct and add the dipper arm, boom and bucket. Finally its time to hook up your hydraulic hoses and run them back to their cylinders, in this case syringes.

The Box also contains batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.

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