Mixed Concepts Box (Teenager)

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The StemWizz Mix Concept Box is a box mixed with 4 projects that explore such concepts as, Kinetic Energy, Gears & Motors, Hydraulic Power, Sound Waves and much more.

  • The StemWizz Rickshaw Driver
  • The StemWizz Sound Recorder
  • The StemWizz Hydraulic Shears
  • The StemWizz RC Walking Dog

The box also contains batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.


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  • The StemWizz Rickshaw Driver: Along with engineering concepts, the StemWizz project teaches young people about kinetic energy and how power is converted from a battery box to run a drive shaft which creates forward movement making the drivers legs move alternatively pulling the cart behind..
  • The StemWizz Sound Recorder: Young people learn how sound waves work and how a voice recorder uses a hard magnetic material as a carrier and uses the remanent magnetic properties of the magnetic material to record the sound signal on the carrier.
  • The StemWizz Hydraulic Shears: This project teaches young people how hydraulic systems function and perform tasks through using a fluid that is pressurised. Learn how hydraulic excavators work by allowing the driver to use levers to control the movement of the hydraulic fluid to push and move the cylinders that control the boom and claw of the shears. The fluid flows to the cylinder through the valve, and the hydraulic energy converts it back to mechanical energy. The valves aid to direct the flow of the fluid and the pressure can be relieved if needed.
  • The StemWizz Remote Control Walking Dog: Young people learn about gears and when combined with a motor can create a transmission system. The motor drives four cranks to rotate through a set of gear reducing mechanisms, making the dog’s legs move forward alternately. The wire control box changes the output’s positive and negative anode via two buttons. It controls the motor’s direction of rotation with changing of electricity’s direction so the dog can move forward and backwards.

The Box also contains batteries and magnetic screwdrivers.

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