StemWizz 3 Gear Car

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The StemWizz Gear Box Car

On starters orders, ready steady go!

Build a car with 3 different gear options by building a gearbox from scratch and combining it with a range of other car parts like gears, a pulley belt, motor, axels, sleeves, a battery box and many more parts.

This STEM project teaches young people the function of a gearbox and how it interacts with other parts to drive a car. Learn about the gears on the main shaft, which rotate freely on the bearings giving a drive to the wheels depending upon the gear chosen which engages on the main shaft. Watch the torque and power change in the vehicle as the gears are changed from the gearbox.

The main parts in this STEM project combines a mixture of:

•Belt Pulley
•Battery Box
•Many Types of Gears
•Grid Board
•Axel Bars
•Different size screws

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