StemWizz Remote Control Rope Crawling Robot

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Create your own rope crawling robot by building a frame by combining plastic grid parts, block plates and metal rods. Create and add the arms of the robot by combining right angle metal rods and pillars which attach to the frame. Next create a gear transmission system by securing a motor to the frame and adding a worm gear which attaches to a single layer gear. Run the metal shaft through the single layer gear and attach the rotating rockers which need to be secured to the frame. Connect your impellers to the frame and arms. Finally wire the motor to the battery box and wire the remote control to the motor.

Young people learn how to create a worm reducing mechanism system, which is driven via a motor to move the two arms forward alternately which allows the robot to climb across ropes. The wire control box changes the output’s positive and negative anode via two buttons, this controls the motor’s direction of rotation by changing the electricity’s direction meaning the robot can move forwards and backwards. Young people also get to learn how impellers work along with learning the concepts of motors, gears and electrical circuits.

The main parts in this STEM project combines a mixture of:

  • Different Types of Gears
  • Motor
  • Block Plate
  • Plastic Grid Plate
  • Shafts
  • Different Types of Metal Rods
  • Impellers
  • Battery Box
  • Sleeves
  • Different Types of Screws
  • Rockers
  • Remote Control
  • Motor Fixture
  • Rope
  • Pillars

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