Gears and Motors Teenager

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This Box Contains 4 StemWizz Projects.

  • The StemWizz Swimming Fish
  • The StemWizz 3 Gear Car
  • The StemWizz Remote Control Forklift
  • The StemWizz Walking Dog Robot

The box also contains Batteries & Magnetic Screwdrivers


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StemWizz Forklift: This project teaches young people many different concepts such as how remote-control transmission works. Learn about electrical wiring, dual motor drive systems, gear reduction, belt transmission and how differential steering works along with the importance of having many different parts working together to create this amazing STEM project.

StemWizz Remote Control Dog: Young people learn about gears and when combined with a motor can create a transmission system. The motor drives four cranks to rotate through a set of gear reducing mechanisms, making the dog’s legs move forward alternately. The wire control box changes the output’s positive and negative anode via two buttons. It controls the motor’s direction of rotation with changing of electricity’s direction so the dog can move forward and backwards.

StemWizz Swimming Fish: Learn about bionics and how technology can simulate biology functions. By using many parts as replicas of the fish’s body, young people learn how a fish tail generates power and acts as a propeller when combined with the fish bladder which is replicated by floats here, the fish makes powerful movements and proves a fish is one of natures perfect designs.

StemWizz 3 Gear Car: This STEM project teaches young people the function of a gear box and how it interacts with other parts to drive a car. Learn about the gears on the main shaft, which rotate freely on the bearings giving  to the wheels depending upon the gear chosen which engages on the main shaft. Watch the torque and power change in the vehicle as the gears are changed from the gearbox.

The Box contains Batteries & Magnetic Screwdrivers.

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